38 Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps to Ditch Your Cable TV

>It is the FireStick apps that make for the incredible entertainment experience this device is so well known for. From your favorite movies to the latest TV shows, from music streaming to live TV, these apps bring all to you with a touch of the button. But, there is a huge library with hundreds of apps to pick from, often leaving us in the dilemma – which ones to really go for? Well, that’s exactly what this article is all about. We rally the top 38, handpicked Amazon Fire Stick Apps for you to choose from. These apps are compatible with all Fire TV devices including FireStick 4K and Fire TV Cube. Keep reading!

Amazon Inc has revolutionized the world of Home TV entertainment with its ground-breaking product, Amazon Fire Stick. With Fire TV Stick in your hand, you not only have access to some regular TV channels but it also gives you the freedom to experience entertainment, way beyond the parameters of cable or satellite TV.

Apart from both Amazon Prime show and Netflix videos onboard, you can also use various other Amazon Fire Stick apps to view the content of your choice and demand. There’s a huge majority of wide-ranging FireStick apps and they perform various functions as per your need.

But, the thing is you don’t actually need these many apps for your Fire Stick. The reason is that while a lot of apps have multiple features, a lot of others are either simply for beautification or whose purposes are normally fulfilled by other household names. For this very reason, we’ve curated a list of arguably the most important or you can say the best Amazon Fire Stick apps that you can install or sideload on your Fire TV / Stick.

Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps 2020

Now that we are over with the basics of why we need FireStick apps, let’s start with our list. All of these applications have been categorized as well to give you a better idea of the exact purpose they’ll serve.

best amazon fire stick apps

Disclaimer: The free streaming sources should be used only for Movies/TV shows that are available in the public domain or which you have the rights for. Streaming copyrighted content is unlawful and could get you into legal troubles. And as such, we do not support or appreciate in any way, the streaming of copyrighted content. Do check your local laws about online streaming before opting to do so.

Best Fire Stick App for Safety

1. ExpressVPN 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool for those who have privacy concerns. In simple words, if you want to view content that is restricted in your country, you can change your server location and enjoy the restricted content without any risks. Moreover, Governments and ISPs worldwide track their users’ online activities, and the online content streamers are their top targets. If you don’t want to invite any legal trouble, your best bet is a good FireStick VPN. Express VPN has been consistently ranked as the best VPN for Fire Stick. It offers an easy-to-use app for Fire TV / Stick which can be installed within minutes.

amazon fire stick apps

You need not to be troubled about network speed as well because ExpressVPN has an inbuilt speed optimizer for enhancing network speed. Whenever you launch this application you will see a feature called Smart Location, which will show you the best server locations, to get maximum speed from.

Check out how to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick. You can also read our guide on the best VPNs for FireStick to learn more about ExpressVPN features and installation steps.

Best FireStick Apps for Movies and TV Shows

firestick apps

2. Cinema APK (Free)

Cinema APK is an extremely popular Android app for movies and shows. This app came into existence shortly before Terrarium TV’s shutdown and became mainstream afterward.

best firestick apps 2019With hundreds of hours of streamable content and an endless content line-up, Cinema APK is one of the must-have entertainment apps for FireStick. The app has the backing of an active team of developers. The content library is regularly updated with new releases. The app itself gets regular software updates, making it better with time.

Cinema APK, just like Terrarium TV, does not host any content of its own. It is an aggregator that fetches the streaming links from multiple servers in various locations. Fetching the quality streams is one of the most important aspects of such service, and Cinema APK does the job well.

This lightweight app is fully FireStick remote-compatible making navigation, interaction and handling incredibly easy.

How to install Cinema APK on FireStick

3. CatMouse (Free)

CatMouse is another great new app for on-demand content including Movies and TV Shows. The app looks and functions so much like Terrarium TV that we think it is safe to assume it is a clone.

CatMouse is working impressively at the moment. It has loads of content for you to browse and binge-watch. It is also scraping high-quality streams from some top sources on the web. You will find dozens of Full-HD streams for most videos.

We are confident that CatMouse will become mainstream very soon. Therefore, we had no doubt it will be part of the best free apps for movies.

How to Install CatMouse on FireStick

4. CyberFlix TV (Free)

firestick appsTerrarium TV shutdown resulted in the spawning of many clones; CyberFlix TV is one of them. And, since CyberFlix TV is a clone, it looks exactly like Terrarium TV. The good news is that it also functions a lot like the original.

CyberFlix TV packs a solid collection of movies and shows. This scraper-based app also fetches the streams from several sources that were prominently seen in Terrarium TV. You can also sign in with your Real-Debrid account to access premium, Full HD streams.

You can sort the content by genre and year and mark videos as favorite for quick access.

How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

5. UnlockMyTV (Free)

UnlockMyTV is a great option to watch your favorite movies and shows currently. The media library is strong and regularly updated with new content. You will find almost all the new movies and shows.

What I really like about this app is its ability to scrape superior-quality streaming links from a variety of sources. I was impressed to see several 1080p streams. And, there are barely any dead links. Almost everything works here.

UnlockMyTV is gaining popularity as a Cinema HD clone. Both are strikingly similar in form and function. Both are performing superbly too.

How to install UnlockMyTV on Firestick

6. Titanium TV (Free)

terrarium tvMany users call Titanium TV an exact replica of Terrarium TV. After using the app for a while, I am also inclined to such judgment. The app has the same look and feel as that of Terrarium TV. It looks like the same codes have been used to write both the apps.

The good thing is that Titanium TV also works much the same as TTV. It features a big catalog of movies and TV shows and lets you stream them in high-quality. The app fetches some good links, including several Full HD streams. You can also sign in to your Real-Debrid account and increase the number of Full HD links.

Titanium TV is lightweight and easy to install app. It works on FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube.

How to Install Titanium TV on FireStick

7. BeeTV (Free)

best apps for fire tvIf you are looking for an app with an endless collection of movies and shows, you may want to try BeeTV. This app has such a huge content library that you can binge-watch for hundreds of hours and you may still have plenty of left unstreamed.

BeeTV, like many other on-demand services, does not host any content of its own. It acts as an aggregator and pulls the streaming links from various sources on the internet. The app also features Real-Debrid sign-in, which helps the app fetch higher quality links. The regular updates to the media library make sure you always have something new to watch.

How to install BeeTV on FireStick

8. BBC iPlayer (Free)

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming services in the United Kingdom. This service lets you stream almost all the BBC content including Movies, Shows, Documentaries, News, and a whole lot more. BBC itself is an incredibly popular TV network with an exciting line-up of high-quality content. This TV network delivers its content outside the UK through several streaming and broadcasting partners. However, BBC iPlayer is one-stop-shop for all things BBC.

Sadly, iPlayer is restricted to the UK. But worry not, I have covered the trick to unblock and watch BBC in any country including the USA.

How to install BBC iPlayer on Firestick & Watch anywhere in the World

9. Kodi (Free)

Kodi is an open-source application for various platforms and can be downloaded on your Amazon Fire Stick, without any additional cost. Apart from everything else which contributes to its burgeoning reputation, what catches the eye is its simple yet elegant user interface.

best apps for firestickWith a plethora of options for personal entertainment, you can choose what you like – right from music from a preorganized party playlist to viewing various TV shows. And why limit to only TV shows. You can also view full-fledged HD movies on your Amazon Fire Stick. Via, Kodi you’ll have access to over thousands of movies of almost all genres, in a single click.

Kodi has a unique feature that lets you share your photos on any other screen or digital album from your personal slideshow itself. In case you want to record your favorite TV shows, you’ll have to download a PVR add-on for the app. Kodi users are advised to use a VPN due to heavy online surveillance all over the world.

How to install Kodi on FireStick

10. Stremio (Free + Paid)

firestick apps listIf you are looking for an uncomplicated way to stream your favorite movies and shows (and more), I say you give Stremio a try. In fact, ever since I started using Stremio, it has become one of my regular streaming tools. Stremio is an online media service, like Kodi, and it is also supported on a wide range of devices. But there are some clear differences.

For the starters, Stremio has a much simpler and user-friendly interface. You could get started almost instantly. Additionally, Stremio installs its addons online. Meaning, the addon installation data is not stored locally. This means that when you install an addon on one device, it can be accessed from all your Stremio devices (provided you are signed in with the same account). It also means that the storage space on low-storage devices doesn’t get crammed no matter how many addons you install.

Stremio supports both official and community (unofficial, third-party) addons. You can install any addon with a single click. All the supported addons are also lined up for you when you visit the addons section. You don’t have to look up for them manually.

How to install Stremio on FireStick

11. Plex (Free + Paid)

top apps for firestickPlex is definitely one of the best media management systems I have come across. This service converts your computer into a media hub by transforming into a Plex server and lets you access the local and online media from client apps for a wide range of devices including Amazon FireStick. I find it a very handy media tool for FireStick, which has some serious storage limitations. I could download any movies and shows on my computer and play them wirelessly on my FireStick. I don’t even have to be on the same Wi-Fi network to do that. Besides the local media on my computer, I can download server plugins (called Plex Channels) and gain access to unlimited online media on FireStick and other client apps. Plex is mostly free and therefore I recommend it as one of the best apps for FireStick.

How to install Plex on FireStick

12. Netflix (Paid)

amazon fire stick appsNetflix has aptly turned out to be a synonym for entertainment today. It is undoubtedly, one of the most widely used platforms for TV shows and Movies. And although Netflix is a paid service, it is still one of the best apps for Fire Stick.

Arguably the best thing about Netflix is that you always get fresh content and can never get bored of it. For the lovers of “classics”, the media channel also houses lots of old TV shows, for their loyal and die-hard fans.

Once you subscribe to Netflix on your Amazon Fire Stick, you can use the same account on more than one devices. If you’re not sure whether you should get it, just try Netflix for a month for free and cancel it anytime you want (which is a seriously unlikely probability). With a Netflix VPN, you can also stream other country’s version of Netflix without any legal issues.

Installation – Netflix is available on the Amazon App Store. You can either use Alexa voice to find it or simply go to the search option (magnifying glass icon), search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

13. Morph TV (Free)

best apps for firestickEven though the very popular Morpheus TV is all but defunct, its clone Morph TV is rapidly gaining a good reputation among the streamers. You may still install Morpheus TV and use the existing content library, it no longer gets any new updates. On the other hand, Morph TV has the support of an active team of developers. The software upgrades are regular and the media collection is constantly refurnished with new movies and TV shows.

Morph TV has an unsophisticated interface allowing you to get started without having to go through any learning curve. The app scrapes quality streams. However, I miss Real-Debrid support. I hope it is added soon in one of the future software updates.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

14. TVZion (Free)

best amazon fire stick appsYet another on-demand streaming app you would like to try! TVZion is a one-click play app with dozens of movies and TV shows. The app offers tons of movies and shows, served on a simple and easy to use interface.

The one-click play feature picks the best streaming link and automatically starts the playback. That’s convenient for the users looking for instant streaming. The app is also a hundred percent FireStick remote compatible. This makes interaction and navigation easy.

TVZion may not be ‘the’ best on-demand app, but it sure is worth a try.

How to install TVZion on FireStick

15. TeaTV (Free)

: TeaTV has been discontinued and may become non-functional soon

amazon fire stick appsTeaTV came about the same time as Terrarium TV. And, even though the latter continued to hog most of the limelight, TeaTV maintained its ground. The app, however, has gained a great deal of traction ever since the shutdown of Terrarium TV.

With a solid line-up of movies and shows and straightforward interface, TeaTV is one of the preferred choices of many users. This lightweight app is easy to install and use.

The app used to get buggy and unstable. However, the developers got it back on its feet again with regular updates and fixes. TeaTV is presently one of the top FireStick apps for streamers.

How to install TeaTV on FireStick

16. Crackle (Free)

fire tv appsCrackle is another free video streaming service app, from Sony Entertainment. You can easily find the best award-winning movies and TV shows in this, without any hassles.

If you are a real admirer of great works in entertainment then you should definitely register yourself on Crackle to view amazing TV shows, movies and web series on your Amazon Fire Stick device. However, you need to create an account on Crackle to enjoy the freedom to access its content.

If you have children accessing such devices, there is always a risk of them getting exposed to some adult content, which has to be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, Crackle has also taken care of this by adding a Parental Control feature in the app, to filter the content according to age. This only adds up to the app’s popularity on the Fire Stick.

Installation – The app is available for free on Amazon App Store. You can download it by using the Alexa voice search feature on your Fire TV Stick. Or you can click on “magnifying-glass” (search icon) and type “Crackle.” The app will pop-up in the search results, click the app name and hit “Get” button to install it on your FireStick.

17. Pluto TV (Free)

best apps for firestickWhat can be better than live TV? You may get bored of viewing the same content repeatedly on a lot of other apps, but Pluto live TV will always have something new for you. Downloading this free application will have you enjoying live tv on your Fire Stick.

There are more than a hundred live channels for you to choose from. The channels are available in various genres, out of which the primary ones are news, sports, and entertainment. Apart from that, there are more than thousands of TV shows and movies available on the platform.

Pluto TV has a unique feature of adding a new hit movie every week for its viewers. The application is regularly updated and well maintained by the developers.

Installation – Pluto TV is available on the Amazon App Store. Simply go to the search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

18. Crunchyroll (Paid)

best fire tv appsIf you are a fan of Japanese anime and Asian entertainment then Crunchyroll is for you. It’s one of the favorite apps used by Anime lovers worldwide.

There are more than 25000+ episodes of different Anime series available on the platform guaranteeing a non-stop 15000+ hours of entertainment. Although most of the anime tv shows are in Japanese, Crunchyroll has a solution for you. Before broadcasting, all the shows are translated into various languages, making for uninterrupted entertainment.

All the content available on Crunchyroll is fully licensed and authenticated from the major Asian media producers. This application is not free, and you’ll have to pay for the premium subscription to avail all the features. However, you can take a 14-day free trial before purchasing the premium service and in case you don’t like it, the subscription can be canceled anytime.

Installation – Crunchyroll is available on the Amazon App Store. Simply go to the search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

19. OneBox HD (Free)

best apps for amazon fire tv stickOneBox HD has been one of the most popular third-party apps for Android devices. It is still one of the first choices of mobile users looking for free entertainment. The earlier versions of OneBox HD did not offer FireStick remote-compatibility. However, the latest software updates to the app have made it completely remote-friendly.

While OneBox HD continues to provide the quality streaming links (and that’s why it is on this list of best apps for FireStick), it has some shortcomings we couldn’t overlook. It is updated with the new content, but the main screen does not feature any of it. You need to search for them manually. The app has also not been updated for quite some time. You may still try OneBox HD, but there are other better options you will find right on this list.

How to install OneBox HD on FireStick

20. Morphix TV

Morphix TV is a clone of the popular app Morph TV. Even though the app is still in the development phase, I decided to include it on this list of best apps for FireStick. That’s because it offers a wide range of movie titles and allows one-click playback. It has a section for TV-Shows. However, it is still offline as I write this.

Morphix TV is a small-sized app that works smoothly on FireStick as well as Android TV devices. It has a remote-friendly app allowing easy navigation on the big screen. Give it a try.

How to install Morphix TV APK on FireStick

Best FireStick Apps for Sports / Live TV

best apps for firestick

21. Sling TV (Paid)

fire tv appsSling TV was the first live TV launched on the internet and should be among your very first choices if you’re fond of live TV channels. However, this service is only available in the USA so you need to use a VPN to access it elsewhere.

Most of the live video streaming services charge more than $40 for the same features that you can get just for $20 per month with Sling TV. The only concern is that you need a proper internet connection in order to enjoy uninterrupted live streaming services.

The only restriction is that if you opt for the cheapest pack, you won’t be able to stream on more than one screen at a time. In case you’re logged in with more than one device, it will automatically ask for the single device you want to view the channels with, upon starting.

How to Install Sling TV on FireStick

22. Mobdro (Free)

apps for firestickIf you like watching sports and at the same time don’t want to spend a penny for that then Mobdro is the right Fire Stick app for you. Don’t look for this app on the Amazon App Store because it can only be downloaded from Mobdro’s official website. If you are a Kodi user, you can install it on Kodi itself.

Once you download this application and run it on your Fire TV, you’ll notice that Mobdro keeps on searching free video streaming around the globe and sends it directly to your device, making it a very useful tool in the said regard.

You can enjoy the free streaming service for as long as you want, but if you wish to remove unnecessary bulky ads then you have to purchase a premium account. With a premium subscription, you can not only enjoy an ad-free entertainment but also capture and download the live streaming videos and store them for later viewing.

How to install Mobdro on FireStick

23. Live NetTV (Free)

best live tv firestick apps 2019Live NetTV lets you watch many of your favorite satellite channels for free. With a big roundup of the US, UK, and international channels and FireStick friendly interface, this app is definitely one of the best options to watch live TV.

There are various categories to stream the TV channels from including Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Lifestyle, Kids, and more. The app also added the video-on-demand section for movies and TV shows. The on-demand section offers limited content but is expected to expand in the future.

How to install Live NetTV on FireStick

24. Redbox TV (Free)

best live tv app for firestickRedbox TV APK is another fabulous Live TV application for FireStick and other Android devices. This app has a big collection of satellite TV channels. It lets you stream TV from various countries and regions. The easy to use interface lets you get started instantly. Just click the country/region tab on the top and explore the list of available channels. It is that easy. You will find free to stream channels from the USA, Canada, UK, and other parts of the world. The app also lets you favorite the channels you watch frequently. If you like to watch Live TV on FireStick, Redbox TV APK is a must-try app. 

How to install Redbox TV on FireStick

25. Sportz TV IPTV (Paid)

Sportz TV IPTV app brings to you a whole host of content from Live TV to on-demand movies and shows, all at one place. Even though Sportz TV is a paid app, it is any day better than the many free, unreliable streaming apps. And, for what it offers, it is worth every bit spent. You can get started for as low as $14.95 per month. Yes, that’s the price you pay for more than 8000 live TV channels and tons of movies and shows. This is nearly the same price many pays to subscribe to a single traditional TV channel.

The app is well maintained, offers high-quality streaming (up to 1080p), and has a user-friendly interface. Go ahead and try it now!

How to install Sportz TV IPTV

26. TVTap (Free)

TV Tap is a live TV app with a solid line up of satellite channels from all around the world including the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and more. TV Tap has a dedicated APK for FireStick, customized for remote-control and bigger screen of a TV. The user interface is simple and rather easy to use. However, it could have been better by making the channel icons on the main screen a bit smaller.

You can watch all sorts of channels in various categories including Entertainment, Movies, News, Music, Sports, Food, Kids, and Documentary. The app also lets you filter channels by country/region. I wish more channels streamed in HD. Yet, TV Tap is a decent Live TV app for FireStick. Give it a try!

How to install TVTap APK on FireStick

27. Players Klub IPTV (Paid)

The Players Klub IPTV is another quality IPTV service. It gives you access to more than 2000 TV channels. While most channels are from the USA, you can also watch plenty of TV channels from countries like Australia, the UK, Canada and more.

This IPTV service comes at an affordable price of $8 per month. Given the fact that it has a huge collection of channels and all stream at high-quality, I would say it is a pretty amazing deal.

While Players Klub IPTV is primarily a live TV app, it also has a decent on-demand section with dozens of movies and TV shows for your streaming delight. Unlike a lot of free apps, Players Klub IPTV offers a more reliable and higher quality video playback.

The Players Klub IPTV has an Android app you can install on FireStick. The app is completely remote-compatibility, allowing easy handling and navigation. The service also offers a Kodi addon, which you can again use on FireStick through Kodi. However, the Android app seemingly works better on FireStick than the addon. Of course, the addon makes Players Klub IPTV a multiplatform service.

How to Install The Players Klub IPTV

28. HD Streamz (Free)

HD Streamz is yet another free Live TV app that finds its way to our collection of top apps for FireStick. This app features hundreds of free satellite channels from the USA, UK, and several other countries. Even though the interface of the app leaves a bit to be desired, it is still a good option considering its live TV section. You will also notice that the app has Radio and On-Demand tabs. But, they don’t have enough content. Use this app for Live TV streaming.

How to install HD Streamz on Fire Stick

29. ESPN for Fire TV (Paid)

watch espn on fire stickWhether you love any particular sport or like to view sports for just killing some time, you should have ESPN on your Amazon Firestick. ESPN not only provides live streaming of sports but you can opt for an on-demand service as well.

Hundreds of sporting events are covered by ESPN and all of them can be available on your Fire TV. For this, you just have to choose the sport or event you desire to view and purchase the passes for it. If the event lasts for more than a day then you can also purchase passes on a monthly or yearly basis (like the Premier League).

ESPN for Fire TV service is available in the United States and many other parts of the world. From NCAA college sports events to races from the Indy Car series, there are a plethora of options available for viewing and entertainment purposes. You can also avail a 7-day full trial but after the seventh day, you’ll be charged based on the plan you initially chose, unless you cancel the services.

Installation – ESPN for Fire TV is available on Amazon App Store. Simply go to search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps for News

best apps for fire tv

30. Sky News (Paid)

Watching news on a regular basis keeps you updated in this fast-moving world. And what’s better than having that luxury on your Amazon Fire TV as well? Well, one of the most popular 24-hour news channels, Sky News have also made their app available for the Fire TV Stick.

firestick appsSky News gives you access to information about all the important kinds of stuff and events happening in the world. You can enjoy 24×7 streaming of news reports on the app. The best part is that the breaking news will always be at the forefront of your viewing so that you don’t miss any update. (However, there are chances that you might get sick of continuous weather reporting.)

One thing is for sure that unlike CBS and NBC, Sky News doesn’t run the same old news again and again. There’ll always be some or the other type of fresh content for you. But Sky News is not free, and you need to purchase a premium version to avail all these features.

Installation – Sky News is available on the Amazon App Store. Simply go to search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

31. BBC News (Paid)

best news app for firestickBBC News is one of the top apps for FireStick. In the world of News and Information, BBC, an acronym for British Broadcasting Corporation is a brand. It provides genuine news without any fabrication. Arguably the primary reason why most of us blindly trust BBC is due to its huge network of trustworthy journalists and their reach to every nook and corner of the world. And now this is available on your Amazon Fire TV as well.

Through BBC News, you can not only view live streaming videos but can even browse news articles and read them on your device. BBC News covers almost all sections of News including entertainment, business, health, and lifestyle. It could be a real time saver if you wish to read the fresh content always and don’t have to go searching for it every time.

Also, there are no commercials or ads to interrupt your viewing experiences. Videos are stacked up in autoplay mode, so you need to switch to other news videos manually.

Installation – BBC News is available on the Amazon App Store. Simply go to search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

Best Fire TV Stick Apps for Music

best music apps for amazon fire tv stick

32. YouTube (Free)

YouTube is one of the primary entertainment platforms on the internet and most of us are quite addicted to it. Since we are accustomed to using YouTube on our smartphones and PC, just imagine how would it look on a bigger HD screen?

amazon fire stick appsWell, YouTube is one of the must-have apps for your Amazon Firestick and can directly be downloaded from the Amazon App Store itself. Playing your favorite music on the channel or exploring the new releases, all of this is possible on the Amazon Fire TV as well. Additionally, you can also create a music playlist comprising of your favorite songs and play them whenever you want.

Just like the web version, the YouTube app for the Fire Stick is also free. If you want to get rid of intermittent commercials, you can buy the YouTube Premium Subscription.

How to install YouTube on FireStick

33. Twitch (Free)

best firestick appsLike YouTube, Twitch is also a free platform for listening to music or viewing content. But twitch has a certain turn to it. Apart from viewing content, you can also contribute content. Unique, isn’t it?

With the Twitch app, you can not only view any content but can also stream your own content. Also, unlike other video streaming applications available for Fire Stick, here you can find live streaming of video games as well (now that’s something totally cool). If you like a certain video or streaming, you can support and help your favorite streamers to get rewards and recognition by increasing the views, subscribing and cheering with Bits.

You can even earn money as a streamer on Twitch by signing up for the Affiliate program. If you are a gamer and love to make some quick bucks, you just need to sign-up to become a verified Twitch partner and earn by broadcasting yourself playing.

To install Twitch on FireStick, simply go to the “Search” icon and type “Twitch.” When the app name pops up in the search results, open and install it.

34. Spotify (Free)

best amazon fire stick appsIf you are an all-time music lover, then Spotify should be a household name for you. Once you download Spotify on your Amazon Firestick, you get instant access to millions of songs, as soon as you log in to your account.

You can also use a single Spotify account to play music on different devices by using the same Wi-Fi network. To select music from a playlist, you can simply use your mobile phone and then synchronize it with your Amazon Fire TV to set up the mood or to get in the groove.

Unlike various online music streaming apps, Spotify would not irritate you with unwanted advertisements between the music playlist. You also get an option to download your favorite music and listen to it afterward.

To install Spotify, simply go to the “Search” icon and type “Spotify.” When the app name pops up in the search results, open and install it.

Utility Apps for FireStick

best fire tv stick apps

35. Downloader (Free)

For any platform, you must have utility applications pre-installed to do any task. Utility Applications form the soul of a device and Downloader is one such utility application, you must have on your Amazon Firestick.

downloader app for firestickWhether you want to sideload an application or save your favorite music video, you will always need a downloader application to accomplish the task. The other implication is that without a downloader, you would not get enough download speed and might end up wasting lots of time. Due to the poor internet connection at times, your downloading might also get stalled and result in corrupted files.

To prevent this, the downloader app for Fire Stick lets you immediately pause the process and resume it when you are on a good network. This not only helps you to systemize the files you want to download but also prevents them from corruption.

How to install downloader app on FireStick

36. FileLinked (Free)

best firestick appsThe popular file-sharing app DroidAdmin has been rebranded, repackaged and is now available as FileLinked. Whether you want to share photos, videos, music or APKs, FileLinked will do it all for you. This also makes FileLinked an incredibly useful side-loading tool.

While Downloader and ES File Explorer continue to be the most popular side-loading apps on FireStick, FileLinked is making quick progress too. The app makes sideloading a hassle-free process. All you need to do is obtain the file code from the uploader and enter it in FileLinked. The app will do the rest. There is absolutely no need to enter the long URLs anymore.

FileLinked is all the handier for FireStick users since this device doesn’t allow you to download the APK files directly from the browsers. I have noticed that more and more developers these days are offering FileLinked codes for their apps. Therefore, it only makes sense to have this app on FireStick.

How to Install FileLinked on FireStick

37. Mouse Toggle (Free)

FireStick and Fire TV devices run on the modified Android operating system. They also use the APK as the executable files, just like the Android mobiles. This makes a lot of people assume that all the app that works on Android mobiles would also work on FireStick. But, that’s not always the case.

best apps for fire tv stickMobiles employ a touch interface, while FireStick has a remote-controlled interface. While there are many Android apps that are both touch and remote-friendly, many are not. Even if you install the apps on FireStick that are not remote-friendly, you may not be able to interact with them. As a result, you miss out on some great Android apps.

Thankfully, there is a workaround called Mouse Toggle that lets you use just about any Android app on FireStick. Mouse Toggle app spawns a mouse pointer on your FireStick screen. You can maneuver the mouse pointer with the navigation keys on the remote. However, the mouse pointer can reach those sections of certain apps, which your FireStick remote cannot. This makes Mouse Toggle one of the must-have apps for your FireStick device.

How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick

38. Browser (Free)

mozilla firestick browser appA browser is undoubtedly one of the most useful apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick. There are various applications that are very useful but cannot be downloaded from the Play store. In such a case, you’ll need to visit their official website if you wish to download it on your device. To access these websites, you’ll need a browser.

The browser serves as a multifunctional application. Some of the most popular apps like YouTube and Spotify have online platforms that can be accessed through a browser and a swift internet connection, without downloading or installing them.

The browser saves your time and space by eliminating the requirement of installing third-party applications that you need to sideload on the Amazon Fire TV. Along with applications, you can also view your other favorite websites in HD quality on a bigger and better screen.

To install your favorite browser on Fire Stick, go to the “Search” icon and type the name of your browser such as “Firefox” or “Silk.” When the app name appears in search results, open and install it.


What is the best movie app for FireStick?

Many apps on our list of best apps for FireStick offer movie streaming. However, if I were to pick from them, I would say either go for Cinema APK or Typhoon TV. Both these apps have a big library of movies and they are fetching many quality links. Both support Real Debrid as well, which makes sure you have the premium streaming links.

What is the best Live TV App for FireStick?

On the Live TV front, Mobdro APK, Ola TV, and HD Streamz are doing a fine job. These apps feature tons of live TV channels for movies, shows, sports, kids, and more. These are free apps. If you are looking for a paid (yet pocket-friendly) service, you may try Sportz TV. This app gives you access to more than 8000 channels for less than $15 a month.

What is the best app for a Jailbroken FireStick?

It depends upon the type of content you want to watch. If you like to stream movies and shows, you would like Cinema HD and Typhoon TV. If it is the live TV you like, we recommend Mobdro, Ola TV, and HD Streamz. However, the one app that should be the part of your jailbroken FireStick is ExpressVPN. This app will secure your online streaming by hiding your online identity and making sure your activities cannot be traced back to you.

Is it legal to sideload apps on FireStick?

Yes, it is 100% legal to sideload apps on FireStick. In fact, Amazon gives you the option to enable Apps from Unknown Sources setting to enable sideloading. However, streaming copyrighted content is not legal and it can get you into trouble.

How do I download movies on FireStick?

Apps like Cinema HD let you download movies and shows onto your FireStick. However, I do not recommend it because FireStick has a low storage capacity. Movies will occupy a lot of space on your storage and cause all sorts of problems including buffering, overheating, and more.

To Conclude…

It won’t be wrong to say that Amazon Firestick has an enormously high potential in the future. It won’t be long before we see people abandoning Cable or Dish and opting for internet streaming. When it comes to enjoying flexibility on what you want to watch, it makes every sense.

If you are planning to buy an Amazon Firestick or already have one, the applications listed above can be really helpful in many regards. Eventually, you will get a taste of different kinds of entertainment, and that too in a much-enhanced way.

While some applications are free of cost, some others will set you back by a few dollars, if you’d like to enjoy premium features. The above listicle is a mix of both and will make your device a complete entertainment source. Still, you should always read the user reviews carefully and use your own wit before investing money in Amazon Fire Stick apps.

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