How to Install MX Player on Amazon FireStick


In this guide, you will find the detailed instructions to install MX Player on FireStick. The installation procedure provided here also work on Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

MX Player is a media player for Android devices. Just like any other media player, MX Player plays videos and music files. However, unlike VLC, this app is more commonly used in the background as a supporting player for several third-party streaming apps.

Some of these streaming apps do not work unless you have MX Player on your device. The others claim to offer better streaming experience with it. Since there are plenty of such apps that require MX Player one way or the other, I thought it would be a good idea to compose a dedicated installation guide for it.

Follow this guide to install MX Player on FireStick in minutes.

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

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How to install VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Install MX Player on FireStick

MX Player is a third-party app and not the part of the Amazon Store. Hence, it will be sideloaded onto your FireStick.

We will use the Downloader app as the primary method to install MX Player. Downloader is the most straightforward and easy to use the sideloading tool I have known.

I will also show you the alternate installation method using the ES File Explorer app. ES Explorer is a more versatile tool, which is also widely used to sideload apps on FireStick and other Android devices.

You can download and install both Downloader and ES File Explorer from Amazon Store. Follow these steps:

  • Select Search option on the FireStick home-screen
  • Enter the name of the app
  • Click the name of the app when it appears in the search results
  • Click the app icon on the following screen
  • Click the Download button on the next screen

Let’s get started with the installation procedure.

Installation Prerequisite: Switch ON Apps from Unknown Sources

Some third-party apps are malicious. Therefore, FireStick prevents their installation through a default security setting. But, MX Player is safe. Follow the steps below to allow its installation:

  • From the FireStick home-screen, select Settings (in the menu bar on the top)

how to install mx player on firestick

  • Click My Fire TV on the next screen (or Device in some devices)

mx player on fire tv

  • Click Developer Options

mx player on firestick

  • Now check whether Apps from Unknown Sources is ON or OFF. If it is OFF, click it to switch it ON

firestick mx player

  • Ignore the following warning message when it appears and click Turn on

mx player for fire stick

You may now follow the installation instructions provided below.

Installation Procedure Using Downloader

Follow the steps below to install MX Player on FireStick using Downloader app:

  1. When you launch the Downloader app, it opens with the Home option by default. There is a URL field on the right part of the window. Click inside this field

install mx player on firestick

  1. You must now see an onscreen keyboard. Go ahead and enter the following URL:
    Press the Play/Pause key on your FireStick remote or click Go on the screen

mx player apk download on firestick

  1. Wait while Downloader downloads the MX Player APK file on your FireStick device

download mx player apk

  1. When the following screen is displayed, scroll down to the bottom right where the Next button is

how to install mx player on firestick

  1. Click the Install button that you see in place of Next button

mx player on amazon firestick

  1. MX Player will now install. It takes about a minute or a little more

firestick mx player apk

  1. When you see the App installed confirmation, it means MX Player has been installed. There is no need to click the Open button as we will barely use this app directly. MX Player is mostly used as the video player for other appsClick Done

install mx player app on fire stick

  1. Now we are back on the Downloader window. It is best to delete the APK file once you have installed the app. The file is not required anymore and it will occupy the space unnecessarily on your limited FireStick storage. Click Delete

delete mx player apk from firestick

  1. Click Delete again to confirm your intent to delete the MX Player APK file

mx player apk

That’s it! You have successfully installed MX Player on FireStick using the Downloader app.

Install MX Player on FireStick using ES File Explorer (Alternate Method)

If you have already installed MX Player using the Downloader app, you need not to follow this method. These additional installation instructions are for those who do not have Downloader available in their region. Also, if you prefer ES File Explorer over Downloader, you can use these instructions.

: ES File Explorer is no longer free. To sideload apps, buy the premium subscription for $9.99 per month

So, here is how you download and install MX Player using ES File Explorer:

  1. Open ES File Explorer and navigate to the right part of the window
  2. Now scroll down and click the Downloader icon

install mx player on firestick using es file explorer

  1. On the following screen, go to the bottom menu bar and click +New

mx player apk

  1. In the Path field enter the URL and in the Name field enter any name you like. I am choosing MX.Note: you need to enter full URL in the Path fieldClick Download Now

firestick mx player

  1. Give it about a minute or two to download the MX Player APK file

how to use mx player on fire stick

  1. Click Open file when the file has been downloaded

how to install mx player on firestick

  1. Click Install when prompted next

firestick mx player apk installation

  1. Scroll down to the Next button on the bottom right of the screen

steps to install mx player on firestick

  1. Click Install (the button that appears in place of Next)

mx player guide for firestick

  1. Wait while the MX Player app is installed

firestick mx player app

  1. Click Done when the App Installed message appears

how to install mx player on firestick

So, this is how you install MX Player APK on FireStick using ES File Explorer.

If you noticed, we deleted the APK file in the Downloader method. You may want to do the same here. Follow these quick steps:

  • Click to expand the Local menu on the left side of ES File Explorer app
  • You should now see two Home options, click the second one
  • Now go to the right part of the ES Explorer window and click the Download folder
  • Select the MX Player APK
  • Long press the OK/Select button on your FireStick remote until you see a small checkmark on the APK file

how to use mx player on firestick

  • Click the Delete/Trash icon on the bottom menu bar to delete the APK file

Winding Up

While you can use MX Player to play local media files, you wouldn’t be very impressed as it offers a few features. To play local media, I recommend VLC, which is available on the Amazon Store. However, to use some of the popular streaming apps like Cinema APK, Titanium TV, etc. it is best to get MX Player beforehand. It is a lightweight media player and gets installed in minutes.


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