How to Install SilentGhost HD on FireStick


In this tutorial, you will learn to install and use the SilentGhost HD APK on FireStick. This step-by-step guide provides detailed instructions that work on FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube.

SilentGhost HD is one of the newer on-demand apps for Android platform. This app has a solid line-up of Movies and TV Series. With less than 4MB size, SilentGhost is suited for low-spec devices including FireStick.

You wouldn’t find a lot of features in this app. Silent Ghost doesn’t even have any Settings. However, it offers one-click play, which is delightfully fast. That’s more than I can say for other on-demand apps.

Since SilentGhost is a third-party app, we will side-load it onto your FireStick. You will find the complete set of instructions in this guide. Keep reading!

: This app is not working anymore. You may check other apps from our list of Best Apps for FireStick

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

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How to Install SilentGhost HD on FireStick

I am going to use two different methods with two different apps to install SilentGhost on FireStick. You can use one of the following two apps:

  1. Downloader
  2. ES File Explorer

Both these apps are available on the Amazon Store. You can download and install them following these steps:

  • Select Search (lens icon) in the top-left corner of the FireStick home-screen
  • Type the name of the app you wish to install (Downloader or ES File Explorer)
  • Select and click the app name when you see it in the search results below
  • Click the app icon on the next screen
  • Click Download to download and install the desired app

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources Before Installation

There is a security setting called Apps from Unknown Sources that must be enabled to allow installation of third-party apps like SilentGhost HD. Here is how you do that:

  • Go to the home-screen of FireStick and select Settings from the menu bar on the top

how to install silent ghost hd on firestick

  • When you see the following set of options, click My Fire TV (or in some cases it is Device)

silentghost on firestick

  • Open the item Developer Options

how to install silentghost hd on fire stick

  • On the next window, check whether the item Apps from Unknown Sources is on or off. If it is off, click it and turn it ON

firestick silentghost HD app

  • You must now see a warning message. Don’t worry about it as SilentGhost HD is a trusted, safe app. Click Turn on

silentghost hd apk on firestick

You can now install SilentGhost on FireStick, or for that matter any third-party app you want.

Install Silent Ghost HD APK on FireStick Using Downloader App

Downloader has remained as the most widely used tool to sideload third-party apps onto FireStick. Our detailed guide on How to Sideload Apps on FireStick talks about this app in detail.

Here is how you can install SilentGhost HD on FireStick using this app:

  1. Run the Downloader app. Go to the right of the app (with Home tab selected) and click inside the field where URL is supposed to be entered

install silentghost apk on firestick

  1. Type in the following URL with the help of the onscreen keyboard: You may also simply enter Go or press the Play/Pause key on your FireStick remote

silentghost hd apk on firestick

  1. Wait for the SilentGhost HD APK to download on your device (the version is 3.9 MB in size)

firestick silentghost HD apk download

  1. The Downloader will run the file when it is installed. When you see the following screen, scroll down to the bottom-right and click Install

silentghost hd apk

  1. Wait while the SilentGhost app is being installed

silentghost apk on firestick

  1. You will see the App installed message when the installation is finished. I am not clicking Open yet as we will learn to use the app a bit later. For now, click Done to go back to the Downloader app

download silentghost HD apk

  1. Select the Delete button and click it. We are going to delete the SilentGhost HD APK, which is not required anymore as the app has been installed.

install silentghost movie app on firestick

  1. Click Delete again

remove silentghost hd apk from firestick

This is how you install the SilentGhost HD app on FireStick.

Install SilentGhost HD APK on FireStick Using ES File Explorer (Alternate Method)

While the Downloader app will do the job for you, it is good to have some alternatives in hand. That’s why I am presenting the ES File Explorer method to you. Furthermore, the Downloader app is not available in all the countries.

Follow the steps below to install SilentGhost HD on FireStick using ES File Explorer:

  1. Click Downloader icon on the ES File Explorer home-screen (it’s on the right part of the window as you see in the image below)

firestick silentghost HD

  1. On the bottom of the next window, click +New

silentghost hd apk

  1. In the Download dialogue box that appears next, enter the following details:Path:

    Name: Any name you like. I am typing in SGNote: Please enter the full URL in the path field

silentghost hd movie app on firestick

  1. Click Download Now
  2. Wait for the SilentGhost APK to download

firestick silentghost HD apk install

  1. Click Open file when you see the following prompt

download silentghost app

  1. Click Install on the next window to initiate the installation process

silentghost hd

  1. When you are redirected to the following screen, click Install again

firestick silentghost hd

  1. When SilentGhost HD has been installed, you will see the following App installed notification

how to add silent ghost hd on firestick

  1. Click Open and run the app. To open the app later, click Done

Done! This is how you install SilentGhost HD on FireStick with ES File Explorer.

You may now want to delete the APK file to free up some space in the FireStick storage. Here are the quick steps:

  • Click and expand Local on the left sidebar of ES File Explorer
  • Click Home (the second one without the home icon)
  • Now navigate to the right and click the Download folder
  • Select the SlingHost APK file and long press the Select/OK button on your FireStick remote
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click Trash/bin icon to delete the file

How to Access and Use SilentGhost HD App on FireStick

If you are looking for the app on the home-screen of your FireStick, you won’t find it there just yet. You need to move it to the home-screen. Here is what you do:

  • Hold down the Home button on the remote of your FireStick for a few seconds
  • When you see the full-screen pop-up window, click Apps to go to the Your Apps & Channels section
  • You now see the list of all your apps. Scroll down to the bottom and select SilentGhost
  • If you want to run the app, press the Select/OK button on your remote. To put in on the home-screen, click the menu button on the remote
  • Now you could see the menu options on the bottom right of your TV. Click Move

how to use silent ghost hd on fire stick

  • Drag the app icon to the top row (or one of the top 3 rows)
  • Drop it in the desired spot by pressing Select/OK button on the remote

We will now explore the SilentGhost HD app on FireStick.

If truth be told, there isn’t a lot to explore. And, I don’t necessarily mean it in a bad way. SilentGhost HD is a simple, no-frills app for streaming movies and TV shows. It lets you get started almost instantly.

The following image shows the home-screen of the app:

how to use silentghost hd on firestick

As you see, the menu sidebar on the left only has a search option on the top and four other items:

  • New Release
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Request (the section from where you can request for a movie or show, which is not there already)

The app comes without any settings or tools. As I write this guide, SilentGhost HD does not offer Trakt or Real-Debrid integration as well. It just lets you stream movies and shows.

The good thing about this app is that it is extremely lightweight. The version depicted in this guide is only 3.9 MB in size. That’s incredibly light. Therefore, it offers excellent performance on all sorts of Android devices including FireStick. The one-click play allows you to start streaming rather quickly.

Winding Up

SilentGhost HD is a small-sized, fast app with a big content collection and one-click play feature. It does not offer a lot of other features present in other on-demand apps. However, it does the core job of streaming well. For the most part, the app plays videos in 720p resolution. Full HD 1080 videos are hard to find. All in all, it is a decent app to try.


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