How to Install Liberatus Kodi Addon


In this tutorial, I will provide you with the detailed instructions to install Liberatus addon on Kodi. The instructions will work on Amazon FireStick, Android TV Box, Mobiles, Nvidia Shield, Computers, and all other Kodi supported hardware & software platforms.

You must have noticed that top-rated addons like Neptune Rising and Placenta aren’t doing as great as they used to be since the Blamo Repo shutdown. These addons are available through alternative repositories and not Blamo any longer. I have been continuously looking for new addons for movies and TV shows. I am glad I have discovered some really cool options, such as Liberatus Kodi addon.

Liberatus is a fast Kodi addon with a massive catalog of movies and shows. The content library is also regularly updated. With this Kodi addon, you can binge watch your favorite content for hours. It gets you good quality streams that let you get started quickly. The addon also supports Real Debrid, giving you access to even better quality links with many that can stream full HD videos. Let’s learn to install Liberatus addon on Kodi. Here we go:

How to Install Liberatus Kodi addon

UPDATE: REPO FOR THIS ADDON IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE. Please check out our list of best working Kodi Addons.

You will now learn how to download and install the Liberatus addon on Kodi. To make the method simpler, I have divided the process flow into three parts as follows:

  • Part1: Enable Unknown Sources
  • Part 2: Add BCRepo Source
  • Part 3: Install Liberatus Kodi addon from Bandicoot Builds Repository

We will now go through each part in the same order as listed above.

Part 1: Enable Unknown Sources

Kodi will not let you download any third-party addons like Liberatus until you have the Unknown Sources enabled. This option is disabled by default to prevent Kodi from installing any malicious, harmful addons. But, you can enable it for Liberatus Kodi addon. Follow the steps below:

#1: Run the Kodi app on your device

#2: Navigate to the top-left and open Settings

how to install liberatus kodi addon

#3: Select and open System settings

kodi system settings

#4: Click Add-ons option on the left

#5: Select Unknown Sources on the right of the same screen and turn it ON if it is OFF

kodi liberatus addon

#6: Click Yes to keep it turned on when the following prompt shows. Liberatus Kodi addon is safe.

unknown sources

Now we get on with the installation process.

Part 2: Add the Source to Kodi

Kodi must know where to download the things from. And, for that, you need to point it to the source (server) from where the download will happen. So, to install the Liberatus addon on Kodi, here is how you will add its source:

#1: Open the Kodi Settings again from the home-screen

kodi home page

#2: Now open the File manager option when the following window is displayed

kodi file manager

#3: Go ahead and click Add source

how to get liberatus kodi addon

#4: On the following window, click

kodi liberatus addon

#5: Enter the following source URL on the next window:

This is the source from where we will obtain the Liberatus Kodi addon. Make sure you have typed in the URL correctly. 

Hit OK 

liberatus kodi addon

#6: Now the name of the source must be provided in the designated field. The source name doesn’t have to be anything specific. You may enter anything you like.

I will make it relevant and identifiable by typing bcrepo as the source name

Hit OK again

liberatus on kodi

The source has thus been added. We go to the last part now.

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Read: How to install and use a Kodi VPN

Part 3: Install Liberatus Kodi Addon

You will see that this part is further subdivided into two parts. We will first install the Bandicoot Builds Repository from the source we added above. From this repository, we will install Liberatus addon on Kodi. Here is how it goes:

#1: Open Add-ons on the Kodi home-screen

liberatus addon on kodi

#2: Open the Package Installer icon that is located on the top-left of the next screen (it is the one that resembles an open box)

kodi package installer

#3: Now click the option Install from zip file

liberatus kodi addon

#4: Next, click bcrepo or any other name you might have added earlier while adding the source

kodi liberatus addon

#5: You will see several files on this page. Find and open repository.bandicootbuilds

liberatus kodi addon repository

#6: You should now see a zip file Open this file.

Note: You may see a version number different than 1.8.2. That’s not a concern.  Just open the file regardless the version number.

how to install liberatus on kodi

#7: After about a minute, the Bandicoots Builds Repository installation confirmation will be displayed on the top-right of your Kodi screen.

So, this is how you install the Bandicoot Builds Repository. Let’s now install the Liberatus Kodi addon.

install liberatus addon on kodi

#8: While staying on the same window where the above notification appeared, click Install from repository

liberatus repository

#9: Open Bandicoot Build Repository

bandicoot builds repository

#10: Click Video add-ons

how to get liberatus kodi addon

#11: Go ahead and click Liberatus

how to install liberatus addon on kodi

#12: Click Install to start installing the Liberatus addon on Kodi

kodi liberatus addon

#13: Wait until you see the Liberatus Add-on installed confirmation on the top-right of the window. This is how you know that the addon has been finally installed.

how to add liberatus addon on kodi

These are all the steps you need to follow to install Liberatus Add-on. Enjoy.

Discovering Liberatus Kodi Addon

Now that you have installed the addon, let’s explore it together a little bit. While you will discover most of its on your own, I will touch upon the basics of it.

To open Liberatus, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Kodi home-screen
  • Open Add-ons
  • Click Video add-ons
  • Here is the Liberatus icon. Click it and open it.

how to use liberatus kodi addon

Liberatus is your essential on-demand Kodi addon. If you have used such an addon before (like Neptune Rising, Placenta, etc) you will find a lot of similarities between them.

Here is the main screen of the Kodi Liberatus addon:

liberatus addon overview

As you see, there is the section for Movies (films) and TV Shows. That’s the least you would expect from any on-demand addon.

Liberatus also lets you authorize Real Debrid right off the main-screen. You don’t have to navigate to the addon settings.

Open one of the options. I am choosing Films For Your Entertainment (the Movies section). Here is how it is further divided into subcategories:

how to watch movies with liberatus kodi addon

The addon has placed the TMDB lists on the top. This helps you pick the popular and top-rated movies immediately.

If you are a fan of the comic book universes of DC and Marvel, Liberatus has separate categories for you. This makes it easy for you to stream these movies. You don’t have to look through other categories and genres.

Liberatus Kodi addon also has a category that lets you choose movies by Genre. But, it has also placed the most popular genres right on the main-screen including Action Films, Adventure Films, Animated Films, Comedy Films, Crime Films and more.

Open the TV Shows category (TV Shows for your enjoyment) from the main-screen and you will notice that the shows are organized in various regular categories like Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, etc.

This is pretty much it about the Liberatus Kodi addon. This addon is quite straightforward. You must not experience any difficulty in search and navigation.

Winding Up

The famous Blamo Repo which hosted the most popular and most widely used addons like Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, was shut down. Even though these addons are now available through other sources, they aren’t as good as they used to be. Thankfully, many new addons have come up and some of them are seriously good. Liberatus seems to be a simple addon, but it is probably just as good as these popular addons were in their prime. Liberatus Kodi addon is fast, has a huge collection, and brings reliable streams from the web.


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