How to Install Tomb Raider Build on Kodi


In this tutorial, you will learn to install Tomb Raider build on Kodi 18.3 / 18.1 Leia. This build has been specifically designed for the Kodi 18 version and works on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Android TV and Boxes, Android Mobiles, iOS Devices, Mac & Windows, and more. 

Tomb Raider Kodi build is a decent option for those who have upgraded to Kodi Leia and are looking for a stable build. There aren’t many such builds for the latest version and it is finally good to see something that actually works.

With Tomb Raider, you will unpack a fine collection of video addons for all your streaming needs. Whether it’s movies or TV shows you like to watch or you enjoy streaming Live TV channels, there are addons for everything. You can also watch sports, kids’ content and more. This build features popular addons like The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, SportsDevil, Supremacy Sports, etc.

: Tomb Raider build is currently unavailable as the Maverick Repo is down. Please try one of the other builds from our list of Best Kodi Builds

How to Install Tomb Raider Build on Kodi

Here is how the installation process goes:

  • Allow Unknown Sources
  • Install Maverick Wizard
  • Install Tomb Raider Build on Kodi 18 from the Wizard

I will take you through each part of the process one by one. Each part has its own set of detailed instructions and steps. Follow them carefully and you should have the Tomb Raider Kodi build within minutes.

Let’s get going.

Allow Unknown Sources

This is a prerequisite to installing any third-party build or addon on Kodi. It involved tweaking a security setting. Don’t be concerned though. Tomb Raider is a tested, harmless build. Here is what you need to do:

#1 Go to the Kodi home-screen and from there navigate to top-left and click Settings

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how to install tomb raider build on kodi 18

#2 Open System on the next screen

tomb raider build

#3 Select Add-ons on the left part of the next screen and navigate to the right part to turn on the switch next to Unknown Sources

tomb raider kodi leia build

#4 Click Yes when prompted

tomb raider build

With Unknown Sources turned on, you may install Tomb Raider Kodi build. You may disable this feature once the build is installed.

Install Maverick Wizard

Maverick Wizard is a utility tool, which also contains a library of several Kodi builds both for Leia and Krypton. Tomb Raider is the part of this Wizard. Here is how you install it:

#1 Open Kodi Settings again from the home-screen

how to install tomb raider build on kodi

#2 Click File manager

kodi file manager

#3 Open the Add source option that you see on the following screen

add source on kodi for tomb raider build

#4 Click where you see on the popup window next

tomb raider kodi

#5 Go ahead and type in the following path in the provided field for it on the top:

Recheck and make sure you entered the URL correctly.

Click OK

maverick tv repo

#5 Now you need to name this source so that you can identify with it later. The field marked as Enter a name for this media source is auto-populated with the name mavrepo. I am going to go with this name. However, if you want, you can change it to something to your liking.

Click OK

how to get working kodi leia build

#6 Go back to the Kodi home-screen by repeatedly pressing the back button.

Click Add-ons on the left

kodi addons settings

#7 Click the icon called Package Installer (this icon resembles an open box; much like the Dropbox icon)

kodi tomb raider build

#8 Open Install from zip file 

install tomb raider build

#9 Click mavrepo (or any other source name you picked earlier) on the following pop-up window

install maverick repo repo for maverick wizard

#10 Now open the zip file named

Note: x.x in this zip file represent the current version number. For instance, it is 3.5 at the time I write this guide. But, it may change should the developers upgrade the file.

tomb raider kodi 18

#11 Wait for the notification saying MaverickTV Repo Add-on installed

tomb raider build kodi 18

#12 Click Install from repository next while staying on the same Kodi screen

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tomb raider kodi build

#13 Open MaverickTV Repo

how to download tomb raider build on kodi

#14 Click Program add-ons

install tomb raider build

#15 Click Maverick Wizard

install maverick wizard

#16 Click Install next

how to install maverick wizard on kodi

#17 Wait until you see the Maverick Wizard Add-on installed message on the top-right of the screen. This may take a couple of minutes

kodi tomb raider build

#18 The moment the Wizard is installed, you should see this popup. If you wish to enable any of the listed settings, check them.

Click Continue

install tomb raider build

#19 If you see another popup, click Ignore

You may also click Build Menu. However, I am going to show you how to go to the build menu from the Kodi home-screen in the next part.

how to get tomb raider kodi build

You have installed the Maverick Wizard successfully. We go to the next part and install the Tomb Raider Kodi Leia 18.3 build.

Install Tomb Raider Kodi Build from the Wizard

Here are the steps:

#1 Go to Kodi home-screen and then navigate to Add-ons > Program add-ons

Click Maverick Wizard icon

open maverick wizard

#2 Click Builds tab around the top-left corner of the next screen

maverick wizard builds

#3 Select the Tomb Raider Build 18.x (here x is the version number that will keep changing according to Kodi versions) from the list of the builds on the left

tomb raider build

#4 Click Fresh Install on the right (as seen in the following image)

Note: You may also click Install if you wish to retain the existing Kodi data. But, I have observed that builds offer better performance when installed on Kodi from scratch. That’s why I always choose Fresh Install.

how to get tomb raider kodi build

#5 Click Yes when prompted to allow the wizard to reset Kodi to default configuration and install the build

tomb raider build fresh install

#6 Wait while the Tomb Raider Kodi build is downloaded and installed. This may take a few minutes

download kodi tomb raider build

#7 Kodi must now be force closed to allow the changes to be saved. So, click OK when prompted next

force close kodi

That will be all. You have successfully installed Tomb Raider build on Kodi 18.3 Leia. You will see the build the next time you run Kodi.

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Tomb Raider Build: An Overview

Tomb Raider is a straightforward build that does not require any learning curve getting used to. Run it and start exploring. Within minutes you would know what you are dealing with.

Still, I think a quick overview can give you a handy headstart. So, here it is.

This is the home screen of the build. If you have used Kodi builds before, it will look quite familiar to you. If you haven’t, as I said before, it won’t take too long to get a hang of it.

tomb raider kodi build

On the first run, Tomb Raider Kodi Build will take a few minutes to update the addons and build all the menu items. It is important that you let this process run its course. This ensures optimum performance later.

Here is the list of the menu items on the home screen:

  • Live TV
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Favorite
  • Kids Zone
  • Live Sports
  • Sport
  • Top Add-ons
  • Magic Dragon

So, as you see, the build covers just about everything you could ask for. The streaming services are provided through the popular add-ons like Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, Supremacy Sports etc.

Go ahead and start exploring the build.

Wrap Up

Tomb Raider build is a pretty decent option if you are looking for a build for this new Kodi platform. I have tried and tested several builds that are popular and are supposed to be specially designed for Leia. But, they simply don’t work. And, Tomb Raider does.

It is a regular build with a regular layout. However, what one needs is the build to provide quality addons and solid streaming options. Tomb Raider has plenty of top-quality addons for movies, shows, live TV, sports, kids and more. This means there will be no dearth of video content. I recommend that you give this build a try at least once.


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