How to Install and Use XUMO TV for Free Movies & TV


In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Xumo on FireStick via the Amazon App Store. I have also provided the steps to sideload Xumo TV FireStick app in the geo-restricted countries. In addition, you will find the detailed steps to install Xumo addon on Kodi and brief instructions to get this app on Android TV Boxes, Android Mobiles, and iOS devices.

how to install xumo tv on firestick

Xumo is a free to download and free to use Live TV and on-demand streaming platform. This service offers a decent collection of cable TV channels including Fox Sports, NBC News, Bloomberg, and a lot more. You can also explore a big library of on-demand content including movies, news programs, sports content, and more.

Xumo is completely free. It does not require any TB subscription. You don’t even need to register for a Xumo account and log in to the app. Install Xumo on FireStick and start streaming right away.

The app is ad-supported. Therefore, you will run into commercials from time to time.

Attention FireStick Users

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users' online activities. If you use third-party streaming apps on your Fire TV Stick, you should always use a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone.  

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How to install Xumo on FireStick

Xumo is currently available in select countries, including the United States. It has been geo-blocked in other countries.

If Xumo is available in your country, you can download it from the official Amazon App Store.

If it is geo-restricted in your region, you can still sideload it from Aptoide, the alternative app store for FireStick. You will need to use Xumo with a VPN in geo-blocked regions.

I am going to show you two methods to install Xumo on FireStick as follows:

  • Method 1: Install official Xumo app via Amazon App Store
  • Method 2: Sideload and unblock Xumo in the geo-restricted countries

Method 1: Install Xumo app from the Amazon App Store on FireStick

If you live in the US or any other country where Xumo is officially available, here are the steps to install this app:

1. Go to the home screen of FireStick (or any other Fire TV device you use)

2. Navigate to the top and select the Menu bar

Now, select the lens icon in the top-left corner and open the Search option

search firestick

3. Type the name of the app – Xumo

Xumo appears in the search results as you type the name

Click it

search xumo tv on fire tv stick

4. Click the Xumo app icon on the next screen

open xumo app from search results

5. Now, go ahead and click the Get option if you are installing the Xumo FireStick app for the first time


Click Download if you have installed the Xumo app previously

download xumo app on Firestick

6. FireStick will download and install the app

It will take a minute or probably two


xumo tv

7. When the app has installed, you may click Open and start using Xumo on FireStick

You may also access the app later from the Your Apps & Channels section on FireStick (demonstrated later in the guide)

Method 2: Sideload Xumo on FireStick to unblock it in the geo-restricted regions

Skip this section if you have already installed Xumo TV on FireStick using Method 1 above

I will now show you how to manually install the Xumo TV APK if you can’t get it from the Amazon Store. We will use the alternative app store called Aptoide.

While you can sideload the app onto your device, to use it you will need a VPN.

A VPN will hide your current location and let you unblock content on the Xumo TV app. In fact, with a VPN, you can unblock content on other streaming platforms as well, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. In addition, VPN provides you security and lets you stream safely. It maintains your online identity and privacy.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for streaming. It works with nearly every device including Amazon Fire TV. You can get 3-months free and save 49% on its annual plan. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee (no questions asked) in case you change your mind.

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Follow the steps below to sideload Xumo on FireStick:

1. From the home screen of your Fire TV/FireStick device, go to the Settings

It is in the Menu Bar on the top

search firestick

2. Select and open the option My Fire TV / Device in FireStick Settings

my fire tv

3. Go ahead and click Developer Options

developer options

4. If the option Apps from Unknown Sources is showing OFF, click it to turn it ON

apps from unknown sources

5. Now, click Turn On to confirm that you wish to enable this option

turn on apps from unknown sources

6. Press the home button on your remote and return to the FireStick home screen

Navigate to the menu bar on the top and select Search option (it is in the top-left corner)

how to install xumo tv on Firestick

7. Search for the popular app called Downloader

Downloader is a side-loading tool to install third-party apps on FireStick

We will use this app to get Aptoide

downloader app

8. Click Downloader icon on the window that you see on the next screen

open downloader

9. You will either see the Get or Download button on the following window depending upon whether you have or not installed the Downloader app previously

Click it

xumo tv apk for Firestick

10. When the Downloader app has installed, click Open

open downloader app

11. Dismiss any prompts that appear

You are now on the main screen of the Downloader app (Home tab in the left menu is activated by default)

Click the textbox which is auto-populated with https://

sideload xumo tv on firestick

12. Use this onscreen keypad and enter the following URL:

OR, you may enter the shorter version

Click GO

install aptoide

13. The APK file of the Aptoide app will now install

When the download is complete, click Install

click install

14. When you see this App Installed message, click OPEN to open the Aptoide alternative play store for FireStick

open aptoide store on firestick

15. Click OK in the bottom-right corner of this screen (appears only on the first run)

aptoide store homepage

16. Click Allow when this prompt appears

install xumo tv on fire stick

17. Navigate to the left menu and click the Search option in the upper-left corner of the main screen of the Aptoide app

search aptoide on amazon Firestick

18. Click Allow again if this prompt is displayed

aptoide settings

19. Look up for Xumo app

search xumo on aptoide

20. Click the Xumo for Android TV version on the next screen (the Android TV version works perfectly on FireStick)

open xumo app

21. Click Install on the following window

install xumo apk

22. Xumo will now download. When the download is finished, click Install

download xumo tv apk on Firestick

23. You will see the App Installed message within a few seconds

how to sideload xumo tv apk on firestick

You have successfully sideloaded Xumo on FireStick

How to Use Xumo on FireStick

Xumo is a simple and straightforward app and you get used to it rather quickly. Here are the steps to access and use Xumo on Amazon FireStick

Note: Do not forget to get a VPN if you are using Xumo on a geo-restricted region

On the FireStick home screen, press the down navigation button and highlight the section Your Apps & Channels

This section is the second row on the home screen, immediately after the Recent section

Scroll right until you see the Xumo app (probably at the end) and click it

If you don’t see the Xumo app in this row, it means that you have more than 20 installed apps. In that case, click See All (which is the first option on the left and the last option on the right in this row)

firestick homepage

Use the navigation keys to select the Xumo app (you should find it at the bottom of this list). Click the app to open it

your apps & channels

If you are thinking about using Xumo frequently, move it to the FireStick home screen. It will give you easy access to the app.

Press the Menu button on the remote (this button has 3 horizontal lines). Now, click Move in the popup menu on your FireStick screen (bottom-right corner)

Drag the Xumo app and drop it in the top row

move xumo app to home screen

Here is the home screen of the Xumo app on FireStick

open xumo tv app on Amazon Firestick

You will find the following options in the left menu:

  • Guide: Selected by default when you open the Xumo app. Shows you the list of the channels and related TV Guide. Select and click the channel to start streaming Live TV
  • Movies: Lets you access the on-demand movies
  • On Demand: While Movies section is for on-demand movies, Xumo also has a separate On-demand section where you can explore various streaming categories including Most Popular, News, TV & Movies, and many more
  • Settings: Nothing much here. Lets you enable or disable and customize the Closed Captions (CC). You can also view some information about Xumo including links to Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Licenses. You will also find the Support Email address, Client ID for Customer Service, and App Version
  • Exit: To exit the app and go back to the FireStick interface

Let us explore the app further. Click the Guide option in the left menu on the main screen of the Xumo app.

You can see the column with the names of the channels and the schedule

this is how xumo app looks like

You can add any channel to Favorite by clicking the ‘heart’ icon before the name of the channel

To start watching the selected channel, click the OK/Select button on the remote

To browse the channel categories, click the Menu button on your FireStick remote (3-line button)

You can filter the channel by Most Popular, News, TV & Movies, Sports, Kids & Family, Sports, Food, Drink & Travel, and other categories

xumo tv channels list

I guess that’s pretty much it about the app. If you have any questions, please let us know through the comments section below.

How to install Xumo on Android TV Boxes and Smart Android TVs

There are primarily three types of Android TV devices:

  • Smart Android TVs with built-in Android TV OS
  • Genuine Android TV Boxes that use true Android TV OS (Android modified for TV screens), such as Nvidia Shield, Mi Box
  • Stock Android Boxes that use Android mobile OS

All these Android TV devices support Google Play Store. And, Xumo is available on the Play Store for all of them. So, here are the installation steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Search for the Xumo app
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app
  • Run the Xumo TV app and start streaming

How to install Xumo on Android Phones & Tablets

Android Mobiles and Tablets come configured with Google Play Store support. You can install Xumo on these handheld devices from Play Store. Here are the steps:

  • Launch the Google Play Store
  • Find the Xumo app
  • Click Install
  • Open the app and start streaming

How to install Xumo TV on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Xumo TV for iOS is officially available on the Apple App Store. Follow these steps:

  • Access the Apple App Store
  • Look-up for the Xumo app
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and install this app
  • Open Xumo TV app from the device home screen and start streaming

How to install Xumo TV addon on Kodi

If you like Kodi better than APKs, you can install the Xumo TV addon on Kodi and stream your favorite channels and on-demand content.

Another benefit of the Xumo Kodi addon is that you can stream this service on Windows and Mac computers. Xumo currently does not support browser streaming and does not have any app client for these devices. In fact, with the Kodi addon, you can use Xumo on Linux, Raspberry Pi, and other Kodi compatible devices as well.

Xumo Kodi addon goes by the name Xumo.TV. It is available through the official Kodi repository called Kodi Add-on Repository.

Follow these steps to install and use Xumo Kodi addon:

1. Click Settings on the home screen of your Kodi application

Cog icon in the top-left corner

kodi home page

2. Open the option Add-ons on the next window

xumo tv addon for kodi

3. Go ahead and choose Install from repository

install from repository

4. Click Kodi Add-on Repository

In case you do not see Kodi Add-on Repository, skip to the next step.

kodi addon repository

5. Choose the option Video add-ons on the next window

how to install xumo tv addon on kodi

6. You could see the long list of addons in the official repository

Look for the Xumo.TV

The addons are sorted alphabetically. Therefore, you will find Xumo.TV addon around the bottom

Note: You can also search for the addon. Click Options in the bottom-left corner. When the menu appears on the left, click Filter. You may not look up for Xumo.TV. addon

7. Click Install option on the next screen

xumo tv kodi addon

8. Click OK when prompted

supporting files for xumo tv addon

9. Wait while the Xumo.TV addon is installed

The installation confirmation notification appears in the top-right corner

 xumo tv addon

10. Go back to the home screen of Kodi one more time

Click Add-ons in the left menu

11. Highlight Video add-ons in the left menu on the next screen

Click Xumo.TV on the right

how to use xumo tv addon for kodi

12. This is the main screen of the Xumo Kodi addon. You may now start streaming.

xumo tv channels list

Features of Xumo App

Here are some important features of Xumo:

  • Xumo has a big collection of Live TV channels and On-demand content including tons of movies
  • You can sort and filter content in various popular and familiar categories including Most Popular, News, TV & Movies, Sports, etc.
  • The app features many popular channels including NBC News, Fox Sports, Today, Newsy, Bloomberg, TIME, USA Today, CBSN, and many more
  • Xumo TV is completely free and one hundred percent legal
  • It streams content in Full HD quality
  • Xumo is available via official channels on a range of devices including FireStick, Android TV, Android & iOS Mobiles, Roku, and more
  • This service also has an official addon for Kodi called Xumo.TV

Xumo is a good app, but it has some drawbacks too.  For instance, the interface for TV devices like FireStick could have been better. The app doesn’t stay on the home screen for long. It starts auto-playing the last selected TV channel or movie. This could be a bit frustrating.

The service is ad-supported. You will see regular commercials during playback. However, I think it is only fair as everything on Xumo is free. The service is paid for by the ads.

Xumo does not offer app sign-in. Therefore, there is no way to sync the viewing data (such as favorites, history, etc.) across devices.

Wrapping Up

Xumo is a decent Live TV streaming option with tons of channels and loads of free content including on-demand movies. This app is available via the official Amazon App Store for FireStick and Fire TV line of devices. It is also hosted on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Roku Channel Store.

You can easily install Xumo on FireStick and start streaming your favorite content in no time. If Xumo is not available in your country, you can sideload it using the method I have provided in this guide. You will need a VPN to stream content in the geo-blocked regions. How do you like the Xumo app? Let us know through the comments section below.


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