How to Install At the Flix Kodi Addon


In this guide, you will learn to install At the Flix addon on Kodi 18.2 / 18.1 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton. The method outlined works not just on Amazon FireStick but all the Kodi platforms such as Android Mobiles, Android TV, Android Boxes, Windows and more.

At the Flix is the latest addon from the trusted and reputed source MaverickTV Repo. This addon could be the one-stop-shop for all your streaming needs. I say that because it lets you stream not only the on-demand movies and TV shows, it also has plenty of Live TV options as well.

At the Flix Addon lays out multiple categories to help you lookup for your favorite content. Its scrapers do a wonderful job of pulling the best links from the web. And, with Real-Debrid setup, you can get even better links.

It is a good video add-on to have, especially when so many top-addons have been discontinued. Let’s get started with the detailed installation process. Keep reading!

: At the Flix Addon is currently unavailable as the Maverick Repo is down. Please try one of the other addons from our list of Best Kodi Addons

How to install At the Flix Addon

At the Flix, like most other Kodi addons, is a third-party addon. This addon can be installed easily on any Kodi device, but you must first enable the Unknown Sources. By doing so, you will allow Kodi to accept the third-party plugins. Here is what you need to do:

Enable Unknown Sources

#1 Launch Kodi

#2 Go to the Kodi Settings (the cog icon)

how to install at the flix addon on kodi

#3 Kodi Krypton: Click System settings

Kodi Leia: Click System

how to install at the flix kodi addon

#4 Select or click the Add-ons option on the left side (on the sidebar menu)

#5 If the Unknown Sources on the right is not ON already, turn it ON (by dragging its switch)

kodi unknown sources

#6 You will be warned by Kodi that there are risks involved in turning this option on. It is true. But, At the Flix Kodi addon is from the Maverick Repo and it is one of the trusted repositories. So, do not worry about the safety of this addon.

Of course, it would be a good idea to disable the Unknown Sources after installing At the Flix addon on Kodi

kodi third party addon installation

You can now install any third-party addon or build you like.

Install At the Flix Kodi Addon

I am now going to provide you with the installation instructions of At the Flix addon on Kodi. You should have this addon in a matter of minutes.

To make things more organized and simpler, let me break the instructions into various important parts. Here is what we will cover in the installation guide:

  • Add the MaverickTV Repo Source on Kodi
  • Install the MaverickTV Repo
  • Install the At the Flix Addon from the Maverick Repo

Let’s get started now without much ado.

STEP 1: Add the Maverick Repo Source

What I mean is that we will add the source on Kodi from where we will fetch the MaverickTV Repo. Here is how it goes:

#1 Launch Kodi and stay on the home screen.

Now, click Settings

how to install at the flix addon

#2 Click File manager on this window

file manager

#3 Click Add source.

Note: this screen is split into two and Add source is on both the sides. You may click any of the two you like. If too many sources have already been added and you can’t see Add source, scroll down and you will find it on the bottom 

add source on kodi

#4 Click  

at the flix kodi addon

#5 On this window, simply type in the URL of the MaverickTV Repo source:

Type in the URL carefully and then click OK

add repo for at the flix addon

#6 You will be back on this window. Type in the name of the source you want to identify it with. It could be any name, doesn’t really matter. But, it’s good to make it a little relevant.

Let’s enter the name maverick and click OK

kodi at the flix

You have added the source. Let’s go to the next part.

STEP 2: Install the Maverick TV Repo

In this part, we install the MaverickTV Repo. Here are the steps:

Press the back button repeatedly and go back to the home-screen of Kodi.

#1 Click Add-ons

at the flix kodi

#2 Open the item Package Installer

Note: This option is on the top-left corner and identified with an open-box icon

at the flix addon

#3 Click Install from zip file

at the flix kodi addon

#4 A list will pop up. Click maverick (or the source name you entered earlier)

Note: You may have to scroll down a bit to find the source name

how to get at the flix kodi addon

#5 Click

Note: This is the zip file that will install the MaverickTV Repo onto Kodi. At the time of compiling this guide, this zip file has the version 3.5. If there is a new version, you will see a different number. Click the file anyway. 

download at the flix addon on kodi

#6 Now, wait for a minute (or a bit more) for the MaverickTV Repo to install. The installation is confirmed with the MaverickTV Repo Add-on installed notification on the top-right of this window

install mavericktv repo

Stay on this window. Do not press any button or key.

We now move on to the next part.

STEP 3: Install At the Flix Kodi Addon from MaverickTV Repo

Let’s install the At the Flix Kodi addon now by following these steps:

#1 Click Install from repository (follow this path to get here: Kodi home-screen / Add-ons / Package Installer)

install from repository

#2 Open MaverickTV Repo

at the flix kodi addon

#3 Click Video add-ons

at the flix

#4 Scroll down a little and click At the Flix

open at the flix addon

#5 Click Install

Kodi 18: A popup window appears after clicking install. Click OK to continue

how to install at the flix kodi addon

#6 Wait for the At the Flix addon to install on Kodi. It took me a couple of minutes. At the Flix Add-on installed message confirms that the addon has been installed

how to use at the flix kodi addon

You have successfully installed the At the Flix addon on Kodi.

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connect expressvpn for kodi

Getting Started with At the Flix Kodi Addon

If you have used Kodi addons before, you will feel familiar with At the Flix. It is quite like some popular addons. The categories on the home-screen are self-explanatory.

When you run At the Flix, it also runs the YouTube addon, which asks if you would like to Execute setup-wizard.  Click Yes or No (will not affect how At the Flix functions).

If you clicked Yes, another prompt is displayed asking if you wish to adjust Language and region. You may click Yes if you want to. You may even click No and the default language English will be selected.

If you click Yes, you may select the language of your choice

at the flix user guide

Once you choose the Language, you are prompted to choose the location. I clicked No. But, you can go ahead and choose any specific region you want.

at the flix addon

Now, what you see next is the main screen of the At the Flix Kodi addon. As I said, the categories speak for themselves. So, just pick the item on the list and get started streaming.

at the flix kodi addon

Features of At the Flix Kodi Addon

Haven’t I already said a great deal about this addon? Let me quickly summarize its top features:

  • At the Flix Kodi Addon is free. No download or installation charges apply.
  • It also lets you stream movies, shows and live TV for free. There are no in-addon or hidden charges
  • At the Flix has a big library of content. It offers hundreds of hours of streaming experience
  • It has effective scrapers that list the streamable links from various servers
  • You can watch SD, HD and even UHD (4K) content
  • At the Flix supports Real-Debrid. Real-debrid configuration offers better streaming links and a lot more HD links as well. All you need to do is set up Real-Debrid on Kodi and within the addon.

Winding Up

So, now you know how to install the At the Flix addon on Kodi 18 and Kodi 17.6. Go ahead and explore the content. I have a feeling you will like it. At the Flix could also be a good alternative to Placenta, Neptune Rising, and Uranus Kodi addons that have become unreliable these days.

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